“Having the big five traits of the rich can help you become rich”, a new study says. Test your big five personality traits here.

by The Studio of Mental Health and Psychology

Matching the prototypical personality profile of the rich may contribute to a higher chance of becoming rich.

A new study shows there is a critical difference between the personality traits of the rich and the rest of the people. 
Lower Neuroticism, higher Risk Tolerance, Extraversion, Openness and Conscientiousness mark the prototypical personality profile of the rich. 
Interestingly, self-made wealthy individuals but not rich inheritors match that prototypical profile.
Compared to self-mades, inheritors are more neurotic and far more reluctant to take risks. 
The presented implications are encouraging: this unique set of personality traits (lower Neuroticism, higher Risk tolerance, Extraversion, Openness, Conscientiousness) may be a powerful force in the build-up of wealth (rather than an outcome thereof). 
Although having these traits does not automatically lead to financial success, it certainly contributes to a higher chance of becoming wealthier.

Test Your Big Five Personality Traits Here

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