Radical Acceptance as a Distress Tolerance Skill

by The Studio of Mental Health and Psychology

Do you know what the four DBT problem-solving options are?

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  1. Solve the problem,
  2. Interpret the situation differently,
  3. Radically accept the situation,
  4. Remain miserable or make the situation worse by acting on your hasty urges.

Radical Acceptance is one of the four options for solving a problem and is also one of the distress tolerance skills, which is often taught during DBT for the treatment of personality disorders or issues.

  • It is the skill of accepting the events you cannot change.
  • Accepting means acknowledging and tolerating—not giving up.
  • It is when you stop resisting and denying the things you cannot change.
  • It is “Things are as they are”, contrary to “Why me?”

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